Podcast Ep. 7: The Good, the Trads, and the Feminists

The TQP team sits down to address the elephant in the room when discussing Muslim women’s issues: feminism. Sharing our thoughts on its popularity and varied manifestations, we trace the phenomenon of adopting the feminist label among Muslims and its inconsistency with the Islamic worldview.

Listen to Ep. 7 below, or find your favorite platform — including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, and more — here on Anchor. Subscribe and join the discussion in the comments below!

Ep. 7: The Good, the Trads, and the Feminists

2 thoughts on “Podcast Ep. 7: The Good, the Trads, and the Feminists

  1. BarackAllahoufikoum sisters, such a blessing to hear this amazing collectiv reflexion. You reframe the debate so profoundly around these new paradigm : if Feminism cannot be our way, unjustice should be adress from our Islamic perspectiv. From a french sister, this perspectiv is really missing in our context. May Allah keep you on His path, protect you and your loved ones and keep you all close to His words inchAllah.
    Such a blessing el hamdoulillah to discover your work. May God put baraka in this project!


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