Podcast Ep. 21: Mind the Gap

This Ramadan, the team shares reflections on the passing and usage of time, the rows of tarawīḥ, and the nature of communal worship. What does it mean to exit our private sphere of spirituality and see Ramadan as a time for ummah-wide transformation? How can we take heed of Allah’s ﷻ reminders about the passing of time?

Listen to Episode 21 below, or find it on your favorite platform — including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more — here on Anchor.

Ep. 21: Mind the Gap | Ramadan 1443

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One thought on “Podcast Ep. 21: Mind the Gap

  1. ma sha Allah, beneficial discussion, can relate a lot regarding the gaps between people(in men’s area). I’d see few spaces in first row yet no one bothered about. There has been so many times this Ramadan where I didn’t come as early I’d like for Salat yet I found a space in first row.

    Jazakum Allah khair. may Allah accept from us all and free us all from the hell-fire in this Ramadan.

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