Book List #1 – January ‘19

Check out the first edition of our monthly book list, a roundup of four book recommendations related to Islam, politics, social issues, and anything else we think is worth reading. The monthly list will include books whose authors or ideas we may or may not agree with, but that we find interesting and useful for generating discussion. Have a title you think we should read? … Continue reading Book List #1 – January ‘19

Idolising Imams – An interview with Dr Shadee Elmasry

Nura S. interviews Dr Shadee Al-Masry, the Director of Religious Programming at New Brunswick Islamic Center and founder of Safina Society, on the celebratisation of scholars in the Muslim community, and how we can ensure that we benefit from learned individuals, without placing them on a pedestal. 1) The issue of celebrity imams and how the public should not idolise them is often discussed within the … Continue reading Idolising Imams – An interview with Dr Shadee Elmasry

Iz – A Uyghur poem

Iz Uyghurçe, n. Trace For as long as I can remember, my mother would recite the poem Iz by Abdurehim Ötkür (see end for poem) in its original Uyghur tongue (Uyghurçe). What followed was always the same: praise of how Ötkür brilliantly narrates the Uyghur struggle, how deftly the Uyghur language carries the weight of centuries of heritage, the systematic dissolving of our history and culture through … Continue reading Iz – A Uyghur poem

“Did non-Muslims pay more taxes?”

Nura S. On Saturday, I was visiting the Art of Qur’an exhibition at the Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. It was the last day of the exhibition and it was packed, you could probably find the largest concentration of the Muslims in the city in and around the building on that day. Expectedly, there were non-Muslims who were also visiting, and I noticed … Continue reading “Did non-Muslims pay more taxes?”

Book Review: “Why the French Don’t Like Headscarves”

Nura S. This summer, we all witnessed the images of policeman harassing Muslim women on beaches in Cannes, ordering them to take off their modest swimsuit, the Burkini. We were all appalled and outraged by the fact that a secular society, one of which the founding principles is supposedly liberte, can disregard the basic right of an individual to wear what they choose. While the popular … Continue reading Book Review: “Why the French Don’t Like Headscarves”