Critiquing influencer culture

Seven months in, 2020 has proven a hard year for influencers. The coronavirus pandemic that swept across the world saw many millionaire YouTubers and Instagrammers struggling to make ends meet[1], as advertising contracts were cut and lockdown measures limited content production. The industry was also the target of criticism in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests across the world, after many social media stars … Continue reading Critiquing influencer culture

Do we choose to be ignorant?

Sarah Bellal I often feel as though we’re keeping our eyes shut and waiting for someone to turn on the lights. As the Muslim diaspora grows, so too do we grow distant from the ummah’s centers of knowledge. Comprising the most privileged tiers of a globalized society, few would call Muslims in the West uneducated. Yet countless Muslims go through higher education in the West, … Continue reading Do we choose to be ignorant?

Khadijah (ra): A standard working mother?

Today, for many women struggling against glass ceilings and unequal pay, the fact that the wife of the Prophet ﷺ, Khadijah (ra), was a wealthy entrepreneur in a time where most business owners were men is a source of pride. Often cited as a true representation of women’s empowerment under Islam, our knowledge of how Khadijah (ra) proposed marriage to the Prophet ﷺ when she … Continue reading Khadijah (ra): A standard working mother?

My liberal MSA caused me to doubt Islam

A Muslimah writes I am a Muslim woman and attend one of the most liberal universities in the West. Coming to college caused me doubt to Islam in many ways and, like many of us at American universities, I often found myself confused and frustrated in the liberal space I was in. Upon entering this school, I was first introduced to what it meant to … Continue reading My liberal MSA caused me to doubt Islam

A Muslim’s argument against vegetarianism

Nura S. A couple of years ago, a brother sparked controversy online when he wrote an article entitled “The Halal Bubble and The Sunnah Imperative to Go Vegan”. The article attracted criticism, such that the author eventually had to write a response to deal with possible misconceptions the article may have caused. But such an idea has become more popular in the Muslim community since then. … Continue reading A Muslim’s argument against vegetarianism