My liberal MSA caused me to doubt Islam

A Muslimah writes I am a Muslim woman and attend one of the most liberal universities in the West. Coming to college caused me doubt to Islam in many ways and, like many of us at American universities, I often found myself confused and frustrated in the liberal space I was in. Upon entering this school, I was first introduced to what it meant to … Continue reading My liberal MSA caused me to doubt Islam

Materialism is an identity crisis

By Aisha Mohsin “Materialism is an identity crisis” How intelligently does Mr. Bryant McGill put the whole idea into perspective? Before we discuss why materialism is an identity crisis, we must ponder over what identity actually means and what are the factors leading to its crisis. What is Identity?  Identity is defined as “a sense of self” or “the distinguishing character/personality of an individual”. We … Continue reading Materialism is an identity crisis

Stepping up: Approaching controversial Islamic issues

By Iman Amin A few weeks ago in my fiqh class a fellow student posed a series of questions to my teacher on the topic of slavery in Islam, and more specifically, the topic of having intimate relations with your slave girl. So my teacher proceeded to answer his question, followed by the teacher from next class who overheard. I watched in admiration as both … Continue reading Stepping up: Approaching controversial Islamic issues

Why Netflix is destroying your taqwa

By Iman Amin Television is a huge vehicle of culture; one that has had an incredible impact on society and has become a basic necessity in every family home. What started out as a means of light entertainment with only a few channels available to choose from, has now become 24 hour access to hundreds of channels, with the average person spending a ridiculous nine … Continue reading Why Netflix is destroying your taqwa

On foodie culture

Ramadan is known as the month when Muslims go without food and drink during daylight hours. So it is understandable that Ramadan is somehow linked to food and what we are eating, or rather not eating. But despite the annual protestations at masaajid and talks that Ramadan is not intrinsically about food, come iftar, we can unwittingly fall into making it just that. The idea … Continue reading On foodie culture