Book List: The 19th Century Muslim World

Ayah Aboelela The long nineteenth century is so rich with transformations that it is impossible to understand the state of the Muslim world today without understanding the events that took place then. Spanning from the late 18th century to the beginning of World War I, this period witnessed the peak of European colonialism, which left no part of the Muslim world untouched by its claws. … Continue reading Book List: The 19th Century Muslim World

Book List: Rabīʿ al-Awwal

There is no shortage of writing devoted to the most praised, the greatest of all mankind: Rasūlallāh ﷺ. Works on sīrah alone number in the thousands. To mark this Rabīʿ al-Awwal, we have compiled a list of books focusing on Prophet Muḥammad’s ﷺ life, teachings and rights upon us. Whilst Martin Lings and The Sealed Nectar are household names, below are a few titles that … Continue reading Book List: Rabīʿ al-Awwal

Book List: Muslim Fiction

Ayah Aboelela Creatively using words to inspire Islamic values holds a long tradition. Perhaps one of the earliest examples is when the Prophet ﷺ encouraged Hassān ibn Thābit to compose poetry, saying “Verily Ruh-ul- Qudus would continue to help you so long as you put up a defence on behalf of Allah and His Messenger.”[1] However, in the modern era, novels with Muslim characters are … Continue reading Book List: Muslim Fiction

January ’22 Book Recommendations

The team at the Qarawiyyin Project has gathered four of our favorite reads from the last year. From politics to practical advice, these books will encourage a reflective and productive year to come, insha’Allah. Have a title you think we should read? Comment down below or let us know on Twitter @QarawiyyinProj. Read our previous recommendations here Ayyuhal Walad | Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali The … Continue reading January ’22 Book Recommendations

Pride and Prejudice and Principles

Ayah Aboelela Warning: This article will contain spoilers of the 200-year-old novel.  Why do so many Muslim women love Pride and Prejudice?  It’s safe to say that women have always made up the majority of Jane Austen’s fanbase, yet her work has also found particular appeal amongst Muslim women. From a dedicated book club in Pakistan (where women dress up to attend Austen themed tea … Continue reading Pride and Prejudice and Principles