Our Mission

The Qarawiyyin Project is a global initiative aimed at reviving Islamic discourse among Muslim women. With writers from all corners of the world, we seek to analyse contemporary challenges from an Islamic lens.

The project was created first and foremost with the intention of pleasing Allah ﷻ by learning and disseminating His deen. In an era of confusion and disempowerment within Muslim communities, arenas must be built where women can learn from one another, connect to their religion, and contribute to solving the problems of our time.

The Qarawiyyin Project challenges attempts to secularise and reform religious practice — a global phenomenon that impacts Muslims from all walks of life. We hope to encourage creativity among our readers, inspiring them to think beyond dominant political and social frameworks to envisage solutions rooted in Islam.

“The question is whether the standards of a modernity which may be seen to have imposed itself on the globe, West and non-West alike, are those most conducive to promoting the moral well-being, or even the physical survival, of the communities which constitute that world order. It is against this challenge that the Muslims are rediscovering the meaning and relevance of their Islamic heritage.”

Mona Abul Fadl, Where East Meets West

As Mona Abul Fadl writes, Muslims working to improve the state of affairs are inescapably set against the backdrop of a particular world order. Added to this challenge is the imperative to not be purely reactionary to the West, and thus a mere product of it. Instead, our goal is to be cognizant of our surroundings, past and potential future. We are also concerned with both the “moral well-being” and “physical survival” of humanity at large, as Islam came to preserve both and posits no conflict between the two.

We engage women in conversations in which they undoubtedly have a stake: the social, political and economic affairs of the Muslim Ummah, as well as our collective future. We want women to see themselves as actors in the ongoing history of the Ummah, rather than passive spectators.

What we do:

The Qarawiyyin Project’s work spans multiple formats and disciplines. In our articles and podcasts, we discuss a range of topics, including spirituality, academia, and global affairs. Relying on the traditional sources and timeless princples of Islam, we aim to show how Islam is not only relevant to contemporary times, but it is the guidance that we require above all else.

The Qarawiyyin Project also connects community members to existing resources. Our articles and podcasts give a platform to women scholars, activists and students of knowledge. Our Resource Bank also provides a vast collection of courses, publications, and podcasts that are available at no cost.

Finally, we provide a space where Muslim women can develop their skills as writers and speakers. We invite first time writers to pitch their article ideas and work with our editors to polish their writing and share their insights with our audience.

We pray that Allah ﷻ places us in service of His Ummah and accepts our efforts.