January ’22 Book Recommendations

The team at the Qarawiyyin Project has gathered four of our favorite reads from the last year. From politics to practical advice, these books will encourage a reflective and productive year to come, insha’Allah. Have a title you think we should read? Comment down below or let us know on Twitter @QarawiyyinProj. Read our previous recommendations here Ayyuhal Walad | Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali The … Continue reading January ’22 Book Recommendations

Pride and Prejudice and Principles

Ayah Aboelela Warning: This article will contain spoilers of the 200-year-old novel.  Why do so many Muslim women love Pride and Prejudice?  It’s safe to say that women have always made up the majority of Jane Austen’s fanbase, yet her work has also found particular appeal amongst Muslim women. From a dedicated book club in Pakistan (where women dress up to attend Austen themed tea … Continue reading Pride and Prejudice and Principles

Podcast Ep. 17: Wizards, Weebs, Wakanda

It was a dark and stormy night, and the TQP team had gathered to discuss all things storytelling: books, film, drama, romance, wizardry, tropes, representation (and whether we need it). It began on a good-humored note, with the sisters cordially chatting about their favorite genres — but it soon took a turn. The commentary got dicier and the opinions less popular. Casualties included Ertugrul and … Continue reading Podcast Ep. 17: Wizards, Weebs, Wakanda