Cultural Imperialism and Saving Muslim Women

Growing up, I often joined my parents and watched the evening news on television, through which I became aware of the various injustices faced by vulnerable populations across the world. Coming from a South Asian background, I was conscious of the unjust cultural practices many women from the subcontinent were subject to. As a teenager, I felt compelled to be involved in efforts to serve … Continue reading Cultural Imperialism and Saving Muslim Women

Emily and Empire

Musabika Nabiha Days after Netflix’s latest production Emily in Paris premiered to millions of viewers around the world, a critic described it as a “love letter to American exceptionalism.”[1] In the days that followed, tweeters and digital publications alike echoed the sentiment: the show disrespects French culture, its portrayals of French people are wrong and clichéd, and worst of all, its protagonist displays a supreme American … Continue reading Emily and Empire