Cultural Imperialism and Saving Muslim Women

Growing up, I often joined my parents and watched the evening news on television, through which I became aware of the various injustices faced by vulnerable populations across the world. Coming from a South Asian background, I was conscious of the unjust cultural practices many women from the subcontinent were subject to. As a teenager, I felt compelled to be involved in efforts to serve … Continue reading Cultural Imperialism and Saving Muslim Women

Towards an Islamic Discourse of Development

Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you, until you visit the graveyards. [102:1-2] While working towards the tazkiyyah of a society fraught with economic exploitation and hedonism, it is futile to try and combat these symptoms without interrogating the conditions from which they arose. Unfortunately, much of the discussion on Islamic economics has been relegated to Islamic finance and banking—in other words, a discussion on how … Continue reading Towards an Islamic Discourse of Development

Book List #2 – February ’19

Check out the second edition of our monthly book list, a roundup of four book recommendations related to Islam, politics, social issues, and anything else we think is worth reading. The monthly list will include books whose authors or ideas we may or may not agree with, but that we find interesting and useful for generating discussion. Have a title you think we should read? … Continue reading Book List #2 – February ’19