Navigating the ‘scientific miracles of the Qur’an’ narrative

Rushda N. On a cool summer morning in June 2011, two well-known Muslim apologists confronted biologist P. Z. Myers outside the World Atheist Convention in Dublin. They challenged Myers to explain how the Qur’an could have known the exact sequence of human embryonic development. “The Qur’an explicitly says the bones came before the flesh,” one of them said. “In that case,” Myers retorted, “the Qur’an … Continue reading Navigating the ‘scientific miracles of the Qur’an’ narrative

The problem with Vernacular Islam

Nayla Majestya In contemporary public discourse on Islam, the emergence of revisionist approaches is widely noticeable. Historically speaking, within the intellectual tradition of Islamic theology, the efforts to change Islamic principles has been well-documented and well-countered. The writings of classical Islamic ulama like Ibn Taymiyyah and Al-Ghazali have provided ample counter-arguments to theologically-deviated propositions. However, every generation claims to face specific cultural problems that need specific … Continue reading The problem with Vernacular Islam

Economics of the individual: Unpacking homo economicus and islamicus

Essayem Amal “Science is essentially a problem-solving activity.” This is how Larry Lauden begins his well-known book Progress and Its Problems[1]. While this is not an article on epistemology, this quote is a good place to start thinking about how theories do not always reflect reality. Science ultimately aims to explain and control the natural world by the resolution or clarification of problems. Scientists, through knowledge, seek … Continue reading Economics of the individual: Unpacking homo economicus and islamicus

The Use and Misuse of Critical Thinking

Nayla Majestya Being a Muslim in the liberal arts, I have lost count of the number of times I have been told to be ‘critical’. There is an underlying assumption that as I am visibly Muslim, I must be simple-minded and in dire need of ‘critical thinking’ to be liberated from my false beliefs. However, over the years I have realised that this advice is … Continue reading The Use and Misuse of Critical Thinking

University Reading List

As many of our readers prepare to start the new academic year, The Qarawiyyin Project presents a special reading list dedicated to combatting some of the issues often faced at university. Ranging from personal development and activism, to imbibing an Islamic alternative to the liberal worldview, these books are aimed at equipping young Muslims with the confidence to navigate campus life. 1. Purification of the … Continue reading University Reading List