Double-Tap Strike: Muslims in the Defence Industry

Amirah Chati On the 28th of September 2015, in the remote Yemeni village of Al-Wahijah, wedding celebrations were taking place when a double-tap strike — targeting civilians and thereafter emergency responders — killed 131 people.[1] “The corpses were scattered among the trees,” recounted the father of the groom, Mohammed Busaibis. “Why did they attack us? There is nothing around here. No military camps, not even … Continue reading Double-Tap Strike: Muslims in the Defence Industry

Reflections on a pandemic

As the world undergoes its greatest collective crisis since the Second World War, six of The Qarawiyyin Project’s contributors offer their reflections on the coronavirus pandemic and what we as Muslim women can learn from these trying times. Maintaining hope on the frontlines Dr. Aishah A. It was not until the first COVID-19 death occurred in the hospital where I work in the UK that … Continue reading Reflections on a pandemic