Podcast Ep. 21: Mind the Gap

This Ramadan, the team shares reflections on the passing and usage of time, the rows of tarawīḥ, and the nature of communal worship. What does it mean to exit our private sphere of spirituality and see Ramadan as a time for ummah-wide transformation? How can we take heed of Allah’s ﷻ reminders about the passing of time? Listen to Episode 21 below, or find it … Continue reading Podcast Ep. 21: Mind the Gap

January ’22 Book Recommendations

The team at the Qarawiyyin Project has gathered four of our favorite reads from the last year. From politics to practical advice, these books will encourage a reflective and productive year to come, insha’Allah. Have a title you think we should read? Comment down below or let us know on Twitter @QarawiyyinProj. Read our previous recommendations here Ayyuhal Walad | Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali The … Continue reading January ’22 Book Recommendations

From Virtue to Vice: The Deception of Spiritual Arrogance

Rushda N. I remember a time when I thought my faith was indestructible. That I’d never give it up the way I’d seen others around me do, because I was better than that. It never occurred to me that my self-assuredness was simply arrogance — cloaked in religiosity. How could I be led astray? I was firm. I was resolute. I was wrong. Before I … Continue reading From Virtue to Vice: The Deception of Spiritual Arrogance

To Love as He ﷺ Loved

It is a wonder how one softens the heart in a world that is full of hatred and cruelty. When divisiveness is the norm rather than the exception, it becomes necessary to reflect on our interactions and adopt a way of life that builds bridges and instils love. For Muslims, there is no better peacemaker to look to than the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This man … Continue reading To Love as He ﷺ Loved