Podcast Episode #5: Honey, I Secularised the Kids

The TQP team discusses the concepts of secular and sacred knowledge, how they came to be defined as such, and the problems that come with these definitions. Does studying the “secular sciences” require us to leave deen at the door, and can one truly be a mu’min as a student at a secular university?

We also explore insights from the book recommendations on our University Reading List.


University Reading List: https://qarawiyyinproject.co/2019/08/17/university-reading-list/

“Of Cannons and Canons”: https://renovatio.zaytuna.edu/article/of-cannons-and-canons

“Among the Disbelievers”: https://renovatio.zaytuna.edu/article/among-the-disbelievers


Listen to the podcast on:

More listening platforms available on: anchor.fm

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