Podcast Ep. 16: The Devil Wears Zara | Iman Masmoudi

Iman Masmoudi joins the Qarawiyyin Podcast for a conversation on ethical fashion, production, and consumption. We discuss our role in the global capitalist economy, addressing the gruesome realities of exploitative labor and environmental degradation. As the havoc wreaked by capitalism becomes more plain to see, we grapple with where to place Islam on the spectrum of economic ideologies, as well as practical steps to disengage from unethical chains of production.

Iman Masmoudi is the President of TŪNIQ, an ethical clothing brand applying holistic Islamic ethics to its “sheep to shop” manufacturing cooperative. She graduated from Harvard with an honors BA in Social & Political theory and Islamic History, and received her MPhil in Classical Islamic History & Culture from the University of Cambridge. She writes and works on Ottoman North Africa, Islamic Law, & Sacred Anti-Capitalism. Follow Iman on Twitter here, and learn more about TŪNIQ here.

Listen to Ep. 16 below, or find your favorite platform — including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more — here on Anchor.

Ep. 16: The Devil Wears Zara | Iman Masmoudi

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