American Dream 101

In part 1 of 2, Nur Sevencan discuss how the Muslim community should perceive the American Dream. First, in the economic sense: Can the American dream constitute life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all? I have witnessed American Muslim leaders invoking the “American Dream” as their common denominator with the rest of American society multiple times. Their attempt is reasonable given the American … Continue reading American Dream 101

On the celebration of NOT wearing hijab

By Zeynep Celik Hijab; what the modernist sees as a tool of self-imposed religious piety and what the islamophobe claims to be a tool in the degradation of women. Although the contrast of these perceptions is quite stark, and despite supposedly being rooted in “good intentions” , these approaches ultimately lead to the same outcome: the alienation of women who wear hijab. Of course islamophobes … Continue reading On the celebration of NOT wearing hijab

Is the Muslim community still on the defensive?

Everyone knows that the “Muslims aren’t terrorists” line is pretty old now. Following terrorist attacks in the West, most recently in the UK and France, Muslims have stood against the call for us to be constantly apologising and condemning these actions as though we are in some way responsible. This is progress, given that some years ago, prominent Muslim organisations and individuals were falling over … Continue reading Is the Muslim community still on the defensive?

Can Men Talk about Hijab?

By Nur Sevencan A short while ago, I came across a very respectable Islamic lecturer’s article online discussing the issue of men talking about women’s hijab. He was saying that he refuses to talk about hijab because, as a man it is not for him to comment on. This is not a new position, but rather an attitude becoming increasingly popular amongst brothers and sisters. … Continue reading Can Men Talk about Hijab?

We need to talk about the commercialisation of hijab

The news hit the headlines last week. British department store Debenhams is to feature the Islamic clothing line Aab. Other than those of the far right, who claimed this is part of some ploy for Islam to take over Europe, most people reacted positively at the news, arguing that this will make Islamic clothing more accessible to those who wish to wear it. There is … Continue reading We need to talk about the commercialisation of hijab